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Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Society

It is a philosophical platform of students and scholars in the field of the philosophy of Wittgenstein with an Indian perspective for interaction and exchange of thoughts throughout the world. There is a need to reflect upon the philosophical ideas in their holistic pattern irrespective of the boundaries of various kinds of forms of life. This is not to be a mere comparative philosophizing but to see how could the East and the West incorporate other’s perspective into their own for having a cosmic vision (drsti) while following the Vedantic precept Aa no bhadrah rtvo yantu vishwatah.


5 th Wittgenstein Conference of Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Society

Aspects of Indian Philosophy and Wittgenstein

Various aspects of Indian Philosophy, viz. Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics, and Logic have their resemblances with the philosophy of Wittgenstein which have so far, to a great extent, remained unexplored. The resemblances between any two philosophies serve inputs for a comparative philosophizing. Even a cursory reflection on these resemblances
shows that Indian Philosophy and Wittgensteinian Philosophy are closer, not only in their
methodology, aphoristic style, but also in their approaches to various philosophical problems.

We learn from Ray Monk’s Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Geniusthat Wittgenstein had advised his student K J Shah to go back to India and follow Gandhi. Some Indian Wittgensteinians such as Suresh Chandra has written about the points of the convergence of the thoughts of Wittgenstein and Gandhi on the critique of modern western civilization. It seems that there is a possibility of exploration of many other points of convergences between these two thinkers.


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Irrespective of caste, color, creed, gender, nationality and religion one can be a member of the society subject to approval of the executive committee, supporting the aims and objectives of the society, paying the required amount of the membership fee as from time to time decided by the Executive Committee. After the approval of the Executive Committee the person shall become a member of the General Body.

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5 th Wittgenstein Conference of Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Society

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