About Us

It is a philosophical platform of students and scholars in the field of the philosophy of Wittgenstein with an Indian perspective for interaction and exchange of thoughts throughout the world. There is a need to reflect upon the philosophical ideas in their holistic pattern irrespective of the boundaries of various kinds of forms of life. This is not to be a mere comparative philosophizing but to see how could the East and the West incorporate other’s perspective into their own for having a cosmic vision (drsti) while following the Vedantic precept Aa no bhadrah rtvo yantu vishwatah.

1. To study and re-interpret Wittgenstein’s thoughts in general and analyse these thoughts in the context of Indian Philosophical Tradition in particular.
2. To provide a platform for debates, discussions, presentations and publications of Indian Philosophical ideas to find its parallel in the Philosophy of Wittgenstein.
3. To work towards enriching philosophical reflections pertaining to the connection between Indian Philosophy and Wittgenstein.
4. To organize seminars, conferences, workshops, symposiums, Lectures etc. for Indian Wittgensteinians.
5. To work towards establishing publication of a peer reviewed journal with a focus on Wittgensteinian ideas and its relevance in contemporary Indian realities.
6. To promote Interdisciplinary activities involving scholars in disciplines of languages, literature, linguistics, culture, psychology, sociology, political science, mathematics etc. with a view to promote the exploration of Wittgenstein’s ideas in the context of Philosophical systems of India.
7. Establish & run library, study hall for the general purpose of the growth of philosophical reflection in general and Indian interpretation of Wittgenstein’s thoughts in particular.
8. To work towards the establishment of Society's own office and guest-house.
9. To organize competitions among students and scholars in the area of Wittgensteinian reflections and to give prizes, fellowships, and financial support to scholars.
10. To establish a dialogue between Eastern and Western philosophy and philosophers, in general, and in the field of Wittgensteinian reflection, in particular.
11. To establish a dialogue between East and West with the focus on the comparative study, evaluation, description, and publication in the areas of language, logic, mathematics, epistemology, culture, values, religion and philosophy.
12. To work for the preservation and growth of Indian culture and civilization through establishment of suitable institutions.
13. To promote study, evaluation and translation of Philosophical texts of Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan and German languages.
14. To study and interpret the interface between philosophical thinking and social behavior through Wittgensteinian methods.