Irrespective of caste, color, creed, gender, nationality and religion one can be a member of the society subject to approval of the executive committee, supporting the aims and objectives of the society, paying the required amount of the membership fee as from time to time decided by the Executive Committee. After the approval of the Executive Committee the person shall become a member of the General Body.

There shall be following category of Membership:

A. Patron Membership: Fee is Rs.10000/only.

B. The Life Membership: Fee is Rs. 2000/only.

C. Ordinary Membership: Fee is Rs. 500/ per annum

Rules of Membership:

(a) An ordinary member shall cease to be a member and his membership shall terminate if the annual subscription fee is not paid by the end of March for more than two consecutive years.

(b) The Governing Body may suspend a member if he indulges himself in any act detrimental to the interest of the Society.

(c) A suspended Member may be expelled for any period from the Society on the recommendation of 2/3 rd majority of the Governing Body.

(d) A Member may withdraw his/her membership by submitting his/her resignation to the President. There shall be a register of Members where their name, father’s name, occupation, address and category of membership shall be maintained.

(e) The membership of a Member shall cease when one is declared insolvent or goes mad or dead.